Saturday, February 4, 2012

UD Naked 2 vs Lancome Absolu Voyage

I was never too keen on getting the Urban Decay Naked 2 despite the fact that the Naked palette has served me well. The shades on the first are mostly unfinished except 2 shades to the left so a similar-ish palette would be a little wasteful. Once the 'new' version is in hand the older one will surely go to the back burner. Completely wasteful.

Then there's that niggling voice that says that while i'm where it's available i should grab one - as it'll be a few months until it gets to malaysia. Pricing is close US$50 vs RM180 so that might not be a point. Though the Naked palette has been my daily staple for months so the Naked2 would get the same mileage.

So confusing! I have heard that lots of us that own the Naked palette are having the same conundrum trying to decide if the Naked2 is necessary!

On the flight in saw this Lancome Absolu Voyage in the in-flight shopping mag. It's a nice sleek compact makeup kit that has everything you might need for a trip - eye shadows, blush, powder, lipsticks, brushes, mascara. This palette is supposedly only sold on flights for US$61 (delta). It's a serious contender now.

Did you get the Naked 2 palette? Are there any other alternatives to Naked 2 palette that you selected instead?

Update - I am so sesat, the Naked 2 has already been released in Sephora Malaysia and comes in at only RM179.


saltvinegar said...

i saw like a million people queing up to get Naked2 at sephora in Bukit Bintang..i think if u have Naked already no need la.. hahhaha save money

shuaddict said...

Yeah it would be smart to save money but I still want it :)