Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 Resolutions for 2012

Somehow before the start of the new year I haven't been keen on making new year resolutions but after the new year does roll around it makes the year feel a little unfinished. Seeing as it's almost 2 weeks into 2012 I'm going to call these just resolutions.

1. Be a better blogger
This is a no-brainer. The 2011 post count = 43. The 2010 post count = 93. I have been neglecting this little blog. Who knew that having a 9-5 job; a soul-sucking mind-numbing one at that; made me blog more? Not to mention be better with the comment love - give positive feedback and be supportive ... and not stick so much in my own shell.

2. Be more adventurous (with makeup)
The whole point of creating this blog was to be more adventurous with my makeup choices. Ever since getting the Urban Decay Naked palette in early 2011, that's all that I've been wearing. It's a great palette but it's in some aspects is pretty boring because it's all neutral.

3. Lose that same xx lbs.
Every year there's always a new weight goal. At the very least at my age I know it's not within the realm of possibility to be 110lbs with my body type.

4. Take more pictures
Will be doing quite a bit of traveling this year. I prefer to explore, take in everything at my own pace and don't usually whip out the camera every time to take a picture. In the end we have all these trips but a handful of pictures.

5. Don't sweat the small stuff
I'm an anxious, pessimistic, worry-wart kind of person. Have to learn to let go.

6. Be more financially responsible
Really important this year because of upcoming plans.

7. Cook with more variety
Back in October during the Big Bad Wolf sale I bought all those cookbooks justifying it with "I'll cook something new every week! I'll never need cookbooks ever again!". Right. I do cook regularly but introducing something new into the routine is quite rare at once a month. It should be more often especially with tons of recipes at my disposal.

8. Travel more (and be more adventurous)
I like tagging along with the husband on business trips and exploring a new city all by myself. We have the luxury of doing that right now before the kids. Perhaps even go for a solo trip by myself this year?

9. Get into a regular exercise routine.
Both for me and the husband. We'll most probably be signing up with the gym once the new mall comes up in a few months. A walk in the beautiful park (just across the road!) in the evenings should be a start.

10. Learn something 
A language? Cake decorating? Photography? Finally painting those 40K banshees?

11. Get a new camera
A few months after buying this point-and-shoot, the camera had a close-up with a pen in my handbag resulting in this annoying dot. The camera still works though repairing would cost the same as the cheap camera itself. I have extreme DSLR envy for my husband's 600D :) No more point-and-shoot cameras from here on out no matter how 'cheap' it may be. 

12. Give more
But not too much especially to undeserving people!

This is very late but would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! What were your resolutions for 2012?


Small Kucing said...

hmm....interesting especially the camera one. Ahem...looking for what camera? Valentine day is coming...can hint hint starting now :P

S said...

This is totally random but I love the colour of your camera! Is it an Olympus? =D I've always missed the Big Bad Wolf sales and one of my resolutions this year is to actually attend one of them! ;)

shuaddict said...

@small kucing - very smart idea! :)

@s - it's a Panasonic Lumix dmc-f3. I did buy it for the color :)