Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soap & Glory Girligo Body Moisturizing Mist

Soap & Glory is officially my favorite new brand discovery. All thanks to Sephora that recently sprouted up in the country. I've got a few of them lined up but the first one I'm reviewing is the Girligo Body Moisturizing Mist.

Love the vintage-esque packaging. Also the cute quotes like 'At Soap & Glory, we believe that you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to moisturize one' or 'Girligo was safely tested in the United Kingdom on so many women, it could make your head spin!'

Basically Girligo is applied right after the shower with a few quick spritzes and preferably allowed to air dry. If you're short on time you can rub it into the skin. The best part is that unlike most moisturizers it doesn't stay or turn sticky. This is great with the humid/hot weather in Malaysia.

Unfortunately I cannot speak for its moisturizing capabilities as my skin isn't particularly dry but it does feel pretty good. It is much more convenient than conventional moisturizing especially if you're rather lazy like myself :) Just a tip, be careful to not overspray the mist onto the floor as it can make the surfaces pretty slippery - especially tile.

The scent is quite girly. Not overwhelming mind you but perfectly nice and clean. The scent is a mix of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk. Although you can't quite pick any one of 'em out ... it just smells one-of-a-kind.

It's also stated pretty boldly right on the box 'Sensible men said driven to dizziness by Soap & Glory Girligo Body Moisturizing Mist'? Well .. believe me, it works! The husband loves Girligo and all the other Soap & Glory products tried so far. Seriously, it's a keeper.

Soap & Glory Girligo Body Moisturizing Mist (250ml) is available at Sephora for RM32.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sephora at, KLCC

I have no excuses, it took forever to visit a Sephora store in Malaysia. I never had a chance to head to the first branch near Star Hill and it took me over a month since its opening to check out the KLCC branch.

All Sephoras look the same no matter which country you're in - US, Singapore, France. Guess it's kinda reassuring?

I do like how the SAs tend to not hover so much compared to ones in the US or even Singapore. Perhaps it was because it was just a few minutes after opening the store. Like most people I do prefer to take my time to browse.

It's nice to see new brands to make it to Malaysian shores like Too Faced, Urban Decay, Bare Escentuals and Sephora's in-house brand. Prices are pretty decent.

Also like the fact that the department store brands are available here. I would prefer to shop at Sephora because of the lack of hoverers compared to the specific counters at the stores itself. Most prices are also displayed prominently so there's no need for guess work or sticker shock.

This time around did not make a huge purchase. Just these products from Soap & Glory .. they seemed interesting, had cute packaging and smelled real girly and nice. Will blog more about them after testing them out.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shiseido Shining Shampoo & Conditioner with Tsubaki Oil

I've been on a semi-shopping ban .. less makeup more gaming sort of thing. Although a few weeks ago I purchased this shampoo and conditioner set - The Shiseido Shining Shampoo and Conditioner with Tsubaki Oil.

This product may be old news but it was a new discovery for me and is now officially a HG product. It is technically a drugstore product but it's still Shiseido and the quality shows. Both smell great, the shampoo lathers up wonderfully and without needing that much product. Each 220ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner is priced at RM16.90 but there is usually a set that comes with a pouch going for about RM22-26.