Friday, June 3, 2011

Corelle & Corningware Warehouse Sale - 3-5 June 2011

It's the annual (or bi-annual) Corelle & Corningware Sale. From 3 - 5 June 2011 only at Atria, Damansara Jaya. More details here. Lots of Corningware and Corelle items but not so many Pyrex or Visions.

Picked this up for about 50% off retail price of RM599. Pretty Pink 20-pcs round set, about 6 place settings.
  • 6 pcs dinner plate
  • 6 pcs butter plate
  • 2 pcs large (22cm) soup bowl
  • 1 pcs round serving bowl
  • 1 pcs oval serving plate
For this set needed to supplement with cereal bowls RM 22 each at sale, and 22cm soup bowl RM25 each at sale. Quite a bit of loose items available. Everything there was 40-50% off retail. Very worth it especially as these last pretty much forever - so much so that you get bored of 'em. My mom swears by Corelle and has had a set that's lasted from the early 80s - and yes she got sick of it, and is onto a 2nd set a few years back.

Corelle prices are overly inflated here in Malaysia so the best time to get these are at these regular warehouse sales.

  • Corelle dining set, 4 - 6 servings RM199 - RM399, according to pattern
  • Corningware, 4 - 6 pcs RM229 - 289, according to pattern
  • Cereal Bowl RM22
  • 22cm Soup Bowl RM25
  • Serving Plate, Oval RM38
  • Serving Bowl, Round RM38
Shopping Tips
  • Go early, be there by 9:30-9:45am, the main door at Atria (KFC) is preferable
  • No real line once you get in front of shutters, so just spread out .. towards the right is best
  • Grab a cart as soon as you can, they will be finished by the 50th person :)
  • Wear comfy shoes, be prepared to have your feet stepped on & run over a lot
  • Try not to bring your kids in, or grab two or three carts to place each child in them .. seriously it's not cool as it's crowded enough to navigate with one cart much less two or three
  • Go with a buddy or two, one guy can scout/shop while the other watches the stuff
  • Remember to go to the other counter to check/inspect items before payment.
  • Don't let them wrap too many stacks of plates/bowls in one wrapper with no layers in between each, it may chip on the way home especially as you will be carrying too much!
  • Very well organized sale - lots of space between stacks of stuff or bins, lots of helpers on hand to unbox things for inspection, 10+ cashier counters with a marked off line to queue which reminded me of immigration lines but it all worked well. Kudos to organizers.
  • Bring your own cart or buy only as much as you can carry since after payment their cart is taken back immediately.