Tuesday, March 29, 2011

shu fanatic Shopping Party April '11

Received this mailer from Shu Uemura.

shu fanatic SHOPPING PARTY! Go crazy with 20% off store wide during the party! Experience the Sakura Collection by Mika Ninagawa, enjoy fun activities and fantastic door gifts (first come first served, limited 1st 50). See you there!
  • One U - Thurs, Apr 7 @ 5-7pm
  • KLCC - Fri, Apr 8 @ 5-7pm
  • Empire - Sat, Apr 9 @ 3-5pm
  • Sunway Pyramid - Sun, Apr 10 @ 3-5pm
  • MidValley / The Spring, Kuching - Wed, Apr 13 @ 5-7pm
  • Suria Sabah / Pavillion - Thurs, Apr 14 @ 5-7pm
Discounts valid only during the party (2 hours).

You must bring along the mailer to enter the party and to redeem the door gift.

I've never been to one of these. Hope it's not too crazy! My sis & I are planning to go to 1U but if really too many people I can still make it to the ones in Empire or Sunway Pyramid. I guess you can only attend one and then they confiscate the card (to redeem the door gift).

Also on the card ..

Mika Ninagawa for Shu Uemura Shu Uemura celebrates the one-year anniversary of its wildly popular & innovative UV underbase mousse by reuniting with world-reknown Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa.

Mika Ninagawa Set @ RM313
  • UV underbase mousse sakura collection (usual price, 65g = RM135)
  • Face architect foundation powder (usual price, 13g = RM125)
  • Powder foundation case sakura collection (usual price = RM50)
  • Rouge unlimited sakura collection (usual price = RM70)
  • Sakura collection pouch
Might be worth it as savings are about RM60+ and it includes the pouch and everything has the pretty Sakura print. I'm not too sure about this as i am on a budget but am definitely going to stock up on a bunch of Rouge Unlimited lipsticks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

LeSportsac 2011 Spring & Summer Mook

Have been lemming for the LeSportsac 2011 Spring & Summer Mook since reading the reviews from Salt & Vinegar and Adorably Clueless Me this past week. So on our monthly Kino trip this Sunday managed to get my hands on one.

Style #1 "Stardust"

The husband helped choose the print saying it's easier to keep clean, compared to Style #2 "Berry Blossom". It goes better with my other eco bags too. Style #1 seemed to be the more popular one in KL as there were only about 10 copies left on the display shelf. While Style #2 had about double that and Style #3 was still chock full.

Style #3 "First Mate" - #2 "Berry Blossom" - #1 "Stardust"

Price was RM71.95 and 20% off with any other purchase. Tempted to get all three really! I am interested in the mook itself as I am a LeSportsac fan but cannot justify having 3 copies of the mag.

Dimensions - 32 x 41.5 x 12.5cm.

How to fold. The bag folds into itself. Very compact.

Comparison with Envirosax, folded.

Side-by-side with Envirosax.

Overlap with Envirosax.

The LeSportsac tote is smaller than the Envirosax but it has a flat padded base and folds perfectly each time. Envirosax has no base so items don't sit as well in it compared to other reusable bags (like RuMe). Material is similar but LeSportsac feels a tad thicker and has better feeling handles that don't slip off your shoulders so much. Though the Envirosax is much cheaper at about half the price of RM25.90 (plus 10% off certain stores during sales).

Comparison with 7830 Medium Tribeca Tote ("Locomotion")

Lining comparison between the mook edition and regular LeSportsac - Medium Tribeca Tote (discontinued style - now called 7891 EveryGirl Tote, with longer handles). As you can see the regular LeSportsac lining is thicker, you cannot see through to the print no matter how loud and bright. It also feels thicker as if it is padded, like the bottom of the mook tote.

Comparison with 7184 Medium Weekender ("Pink Pedal Pusher"). It so happens that I bought this on Friday. I have been wanting a Weekender for ages .... but only with a good price and a nice enough print :) The dimensions are perfect for travel as a personal bag, to carry-on along with a roll-on case. It was 50% off with extra 10% at Parkson Sunway Pyramid.

The LeSportsac 2011 Spring & Summer mook is a must-buy for any LeSportsac fan. There are some beautiful prints which are already available in store at Isetan KLCC - with 10-25% discounts too!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marie Claire April 2011 - Free Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Marie Claire (Malaysia) April 2011 issue comes with a full-size Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.

The magazine was RM7 while the lip balm usually retails for RM18. It comes in 5 different flavors but at random, it's not stated on the mag and you cannot see inside the package. I was hoping to not get the Honey one since the scent makes me a little sick so thankfully got the Sun Protecting Lip Balm with Passionfruit instead.

The magazine should be packed in a brown sleeve/bag, completely sealed and to be opened at the top. You can check if the lip balm is there by feeling at the bottom right (as pictured above). Kinokuniya wrapped the whole thing in plastic anyways. I wish they would have left it in the brown eco bag by itself as it was nicely packed to go.

Shown with other Burt's Bees lip balm for comparison - Honey (ick, seriously please avoid) and Pomengranate. Sorry I have itchy fingers and when I'm bored I like to peel off the label :)

Try not to hoard too much :D The lip balm in my pack had an expiry of 9/2011.

Update - confirm that some unscrupulous newsstands have removed the free gift, recommend you buy from a reputable bookshop instead

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nivea Pinkish Boost

There's a reason why people like me shouldn't wander into any of the drugstores and pharmacies of the world. Instead of picking up one lip balm, had to get this one too as it sounded interesting. At least they were cheap :)

Nivea Pinkish Boost 3-in-1
  • restores natural lip color
  • reduced lip dullness
  • protects lips with SPF15

(open pack, repacked)

From the back
"The innovation (sic) formula of Nivea Lip Care Pinkish Boost with Pinkish Vitamin Complex and regenerative Ginseng enhances the natural rosiness of your lips. Enriched with moisturisers to provide long lasting moisture for 8 hours. The result is healthy, natural pinkish lips without having to use coloured lipstick."

Hmm it doesn't last 8 hours but it does moisture quite well. Has a pleasant rose-ish scent and does not feel too cloyingly goopy. The color tint is also quite noticeable - the husband actually asked whether I put on makeup to go to bed that evening!



Nivea Pinkish Boost, 10ml tube, is available at most drugstore/pharmacies in Malaysia for RM6.41 (sale price).

Juvanex 7-Day Program -- Final Verdict

I was on the Juvanex detox program for 7 days until Wednesday - see original post. This following post may be a little TMI so read on if you wish.

Juvanex 7-Day Program (description from the box)
Juvanex 7-Day Program is specially formulated to eliminate toxins from your body while providing support for healthy digestive and liver function!

Easy - only 7 days to complete program
Effective - Formulated with Total Cleanze to give your body a complete spring clean
No-Fuss - No need to change diet or lifestyle. Just add water to enjoy its refreshing lemon flavor.

What is Total-Cleanze?
Fibre (soluble and insoluble fibre) + Probiotics (probiotics and prebiotics) + Cleansing Herbs (milk thistle, dandelion, grape seed and other herbal extracts)

Juvanex Active Ingredients
Total Cleanze, Psyillium husk, Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, Nicotinamide, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Magnesium Oxide, Glutamine, Taurine

The program was not hard to follow. Just 2 sachets after breakfast and dinner, so a total of 4 sachets per day. They were quite pleasant tasting with a semi-bitter lemon taste but it dissolves completely in water. In fact they did so better in water than juice.

The only symptoms I experienced was extreme fatigure in the mid-afternoon on days 1 and 2. This is despite not following the rigorous diet to the letter.

My results
  • weight loss/gain did not track, but tummy felt sleeker
  • became way more regular, daily like clockwork vs only few times a week .. still ongoing even after end of program, this has always been a problem for me even with taking Metamucil or Fybogel (psyllium husk) regularly so am happy with this result
Would I try this again? Yes. On the box it recommends that it is done 2-3 times a year and I'm okay with doing it once every 6 months. I am quite impressed as unlike other 'detox' products on the market, this one truly is a detox only product - and not a laxative masked as detox.

  • in sachet form is nice, easy to tote around and measure each dosage
  • dissolves well
  • tastes quite good
  • is a true detox program
  • a great way to kick start a weight loss program

  • quite expensive, but comes up to RM18 per day only
  • couldn't stick to recommended diet 100%, diet quite low-cal but gradual
  • each serving of 2 sachets is 66 kcal, 5.4g sugars so if taken with juice do take note of all the extra calories/sugars
Juvanex retails for RM128 (RM108 during sales) at most pharmacies in Malaysia. Each box comes with 28 sachets, 1 shaker bottle and a 7-day detox guide.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Juvanex 7-Day Detox Program

(image from myjuvanex)

Using Juvanex to kick-start my weight loss program. As far as I can see it's not like other 'detox' teas or weight loss aids, which mostly seem to act like laxatives. My mom uses this once a year just to have an annual cleanse, and she swears it makes her feel better. This is my first try.

Recommended retail price is RM160 on the box but it is usually RM128. At times during sales it may drop to RM108. Don't pay more than RM128.

It comes with 28 sachets, 4 per day for 7 days. Previously the powder came in a bottle but now it is more convenient as it's pre-measured and easy to tote along if you're going out.

The powder dissolves completely in water. Just with a couple of shakes in the included tumbler. It has a strong lemony taste which is bitter at times but it is 95% pleasant-tasting so there is no need to chug and choke it down.

The recommended diet is pretty strict
Day 1 & 2 - fruits
Day 3 & 4 - add vegetables
Day 5 & 6 - add fish, chicken
Day 7 - add wheat & dairy

Example of Day 1 diet
Breakfast - 2 sachets (with water or fruit juice) + 1 slice of fruit*
Lunch - 1 slice of fruit every 2 hours, a few almonds or sunflower/pumpkin seeds
Dinner - 2 sachets + steamed vegetables or vegetable soup with a little brown rice
* Fruits - recommended to not have citrus fruits or bananas

Needless to say I did not stick to the diet. It was fajitas night at home and I cannot resist my husband's grilling :) For the next few days it will be better diet, much closer to the recommended diet. I'll do a full review at the end of the program.

Start Date - Thursday, 10 Mar
End Date - Wednesday, 16 Mar

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Strip Ministry of Waxing

I signed up for a package with Strip Ministry of Waxing in November but only managed to get my 2nd session in last week. It was the husband's treat as an early Xmas present.

Supposedly the plus side about signing up with Strip was that I could go to either outlet at my convenience - in Sunway Pyramid or Curve. I could also stick to the consistent 4-6 weeks maintenance appointments (quite important). The package was RM700 for 10 sessions of All Off (Hollywood/XXXX) Brazilian Waxing. RM70 per session compared to RM88 so that's a very good deal.

The major downside? Their hard selling tactics.
  • If you go for one session - they try to sell you a package
  • When you get the package - they try to sell you on IPL. It's about RM3,800 for 6 sessions, RM900 for one session (1 year maintenance at least). No guarantees on hair growth etc as 'everyone is different'.
  • During a session they try to sell you after treatment stuff - RM18 'Peace' serum to prevent hair growth, finer hair etc. I tried it this time, total waste btw as few days later no such difference.
  • Afterwards they will try to sell you miscellaneous after treatment ointments to slow down hair growth, finer hair etc - the Sothys one is RM220 for about 6 months/session usage, to bring it along during your sessions.
  • If you sign up for IPL - they will still try to sell you something I'm sure!
Sell sell sell! I find it so annoying and uncomfortable. It's kind of like hovering sales people but with this you cannot escape!

Treatment also comes with really strange disparaging comments to 'help' you sign up and buy more. For example did you know that doing regular brazilian waxing will eventually make 'things' .. 'flabby' .. because of all the pulling so IPL is sooo much better can't you see?! I kid you not, this came from the 'aesthetician'. Meh ... total horse manure.

At least I can ignore that stuff as I'm used to it ... but not the hard sell tactic. Hopefully they will slow down with the selling as I don't think I can handle such things for the other 8 sessions in the coming months.


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