Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not As Advertised - Dried Squid Snack (Kisoto)

I'm pretty mad about this so had to blog about it. Spent RM 10.69 for a pack of these dried squid. It is pre-sugared as I rather not do it myself as it causes a mess. On receipt "STG/KPG GULA 130G".

130 grams, for the record.

On opening the pack, it looked like an extremely small amount. As little or even less than one of those small RM 3 - 4 single serving packs. I buy these big packs to put in a tupperware sliced up for easy snacking for a couple of days.

Seeing as how it's a strangely small amount, I took out my digital scale and weighed it. The squid itself? 55 grams, less than half what the pack states.

Oh of course there is a sugar pack that weighs 50 grams. But what's the point of a sugar pack if it is bought pre-sugared from the factory?! If you have ever had this snack you will know that extra sugar will not adhere beyond whatever is already on. Total with sugar pack is 20 grams less than stated .. so you're essentially paying for the plastic tray and packaging along with the useless sugar pack.

Avoid this brand - Kisoto Prepared Cuttlefish (Sotong Keping).

I'm no miser but please follow up as advertised. As comparison let's take this can of corn, it's a staple in our pantry so I grabbed it to do a quick weigh-in. 

The can states clearly that the nett weight 424 grams while the total weight when weighed with the can is 500 grams. You get exactly what you're paying for with no false advertising.

Anyway I full well know that it's just dried squid so I'm probably making a big deal out of it all. Also my husband is going to make fun about the perils of eating all my favorite Asian (smelly & weird) food :D Although now at least I am going to avoid this brand at all costs.


saltvinegar said...

What a con job!

Small Kucing said...

I agreed it's not the matter of the money but rather of ethics. Will certainly avoid

deathkorps said...

Give them a grand slaying, I say!