Thursday, November 3, 2011

Liniere Nov '11 + Hello Kitty Daiso

It's all because of this post by Salt & Vinegar. Immediately after reading her review I called Kinokuniya up at her suggestion and booked the magazine. Thankfully that happened as when I went there at the end of the week to pick it up there were no more copies available on the shelves!

Liniere November 2011 with multi-case

Enough space for the passport plus a small moleskin notebook with zip pocket for coins, card slots and a pen

Comparison with Radley passport holder
The multi-case is of pretty good quality with only a few loose threads. It did come out a little misshapen and I am not a fan of the flimsy button clasp. Even then I somewhat prefer this over the Radley as it is bigger and in a brighter color so it is least likely to accidentally slip out or be forgotten. I'm very paranoid about losing important things - especially after my husband accidentally dropped his Blackberry in a taxi. Once we found out about 10 minutes later, we somehow managed to track down the cab and thankfully the guy went on his break and did not pick up a new fare .. so it was just sitting there on the floor!

Some random cute stuff  from Daiso. I'm on a Hello Kitty kick now although I was more into Little Twin Stars when I was a kid. These mouse pads for only RM5 each from the Sunway Pyramid branch. They have a Sanrio sticker and number on the back so it seems to be official Sanrio/Hello Kitty products. Also Hello Kitty and the like do not look deformed, that's usually a major giveaway :)

If you're looking to Hello Kitty-fy up your life Parkson stores have quite a nice selection. The store at Sunway Pyramid is having discounts up to 50%, on selective pouches from about RM18 and above. These are definitely the original Sanrio stuff. The prices are pretty steep and usually during sales the range only goes for 10% off only.


saltvinegar said...

Girl we have the same taste! I love Hello Kitty and Daiso too! Very much loving the multi-case.

Small Kucing said...

lovely holder

shuaddict said...

@saltvinegar - yes, you infected me with the Liniere post :)

@smallkucing - thanks very nice for travel