Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011 - Second Round!

The second time around at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale but didn't go too crazy as I had to stick to a budget this time :)

Going Under - Justina Robson @ RM8
The Nasty Bits - Anthony Bourdain @ RM8
Ender In Exile - Orson Scott Card @ RM8
Star Trek (graphic novel) @ RM15
Land of the Dead (graphic novel) @ RM12
The Glory of Southern Cooking @ RM12
Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes A Day @ RM12
 I'm Just Here For More Food - Alton Brown @ RM12
Martin Yan's Chinatown Cooking @ RM20
Baking With Julia - Dorrie Greenspan @ RM15

So glad we went on the first day as the stocks are surely depleted! Some of the remaining books are in bad shape now  ... mostly torn covers especially if it's the last few copies of a certain book. Like all the cookbooks above. Also unlike the first day the books are less organized, thanks to the daily rummage since then.

The surprising thing is that there are still a few pallets full of the Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson "headliner" cookbooks. Pro Tip: Don't pick it up once you see it at the cooking section, there's a full pallet right at the front near the cashiers - these two books are heavy so save your arms or space for other books first!

If possible head to the sale on the weekdays. There was no line to go into the hall. Not that many people inside, like regular shopping and cashier lines were only about a 10 minute wait.

Of course we still got lost on the way home. Have absolutely no luck with that place. This officially concludes my book shopping for 2011. Good luck with your hunt at the BBW sale!


synical said...

Hey.... I didn't see any Bourdain books there!

Then again, I probably have The Nasty Bits already. I'm sort of looking for Medium Raw, his latest.

saltvinegar said...

OMG i have to have to go!!

Small Kucing said...

me itchy hands again

shuaddict said...

@synical - Spotted 'No Reservations' on the first day but didn't grab it as had too many books. Tried to search the 2nd time not available anymore. There weren't piles of these books only 2 left for this one.

@saltvinegar - Saw your post, you got a decent haul too!

@SmallKucing - Did you manage to go another time before Sunday? :)