Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Falling Over FitFlops!

Thanks to the raves by ParisB of MWS hunted down a pair of FitFlops in Singapore. Read her posts here, here, here, here and actually many more on her site. It's all her fault! She should get a commission from FitFlop for roping all of us in!

Despite it being at the top of my list could not manage to find them anywhere we went! I'm pretty good at navigation but the layout of malls in Singapore are extremely confusing and frustrating. So on our last day there, we specifically went to Tang's on Orchard right before heading home.

There were not many Size 10 US/8UK/42EU available. It was choice between the Walkstar III in Black Rose/Napa ...

... and the Electra in Tiger Eye ...

I liked the Electra because it was more unique but it was already showing wear & tear at the edges. It would not hold up as well in the long run. On top of that the padding in the thong of the Walkstar III felt more plush. So the 'boring' Walkstar III it was ...

front - looks unpretty, no?

not brand-new but wiped 'em down

side view

The retail price was SGD$109.90 (RM266 @ 2.42 currently), but with the 5% discount for tourists at Tang's it was SGD$104.90 (RM254). Do remember to bring along your passport or hotel key card to flash for this discount.

I didn't really buy it for the health benefits but my legs and butt ache the day after wearing them for most of Monday. I'm pretty much in love with FitFlops - again not because it's a 'flip flop with the gym built-in' - but because they are so comfortable! I'm such a klutz and prefer stable shoes with deeply grooved soles for as much traction and stability as possible. So the FitFlops are absolutely perfect despite the expensive price tag and relative ugliness :D

Finally how does a FitFlop compare with the Skechers equivalent - Tone Up Fun Flops? I've had a basic black one for about 2 years, it looks pretty much like the Walkstar 1 (Fabric) in Black.

Which is which?!

Skechers Fun Flops Black vs Walkstar III
Note - Skechers is US8, FitFlop is US10

Why the size difference? US8 was the largest size I could find and it fit my feet just right, but with the FitFlop I wanted ample space and comfort. More .. boaty .. :D


Side-by-side thickness of bottom

Well .. the Skechers does not have the plush padding on the interior of the thong, but this could be similar to its equivalent Walkstar1. The FitFlop feels less spongy on the heel with a nicer curve on the front. Of course I've had the Skechers for close to 2 years so that may have had an impact on the results. The Skechers were much cheaper than the FitFlops then at RM140-150 (sale, regular RM169) but the Walkstar1 is possibly at around the same price now.

Speaking of which the FitFlop is not that much cheaper in Singapore anymore. In the past few months there was a price adjustment in Malaysia so it brings it to about the same price or cheaper. Of course if you managed to snag these during any sales in Singapore they would be a good buy. They are quite bonkers over these in Singapore, every other woman had FitFlops on and sales/specials go on quite often.

Do check out FitFlop Singapore and FitFlop Malaysia on Facebook for the latest deals and updates on new releases.

Comparative Pricing of Walkstar III
MYR 269.00 @ Malaysia
SGD 109.90 @ Singapore = RM 266 (rate @ 2.42), 5% tourist discount = RM254
GBP 45.00 @ UK/ = RM 222 (rate @ 4.94)
USD 47.40 - 63.90 @ US/Amazon-Zappos = RM 141 - 190 (rate @ 2.97)


hevn said...

Saw the price and fell of my chair! It's bloody expensive! wow! To be truthful, I never had shoes that expensive before but I agree with you, I've abandoned all high heels and I now wear my Thailand Manoco's. It look like the crocs ballet shoes but for RM13, I ain't complaining. XD

What else did you do in Singapore? I can't wait to go for the Universal studio rides

shuaddict said...

Yeah purty expensive for flip flops. I know will get major grief from my mom about them :(

We didn't do too much in Singapore besides shopping and eating :) A lazy weekend. Next time we'll probably head to Sentosa, Universal Studios and do touristy things but because of the holidays thought that those were probably jam packed. I was already feeling a little freaked by the press of people in the malls.

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Huh-- I've actually never heard of the toning flip-flops. o: Very cool idea, but I don't wear flip-flops to start with, so it's not meant to be on my side....

Anyway-- those tiger-print ones really ARE pretty cool, but I can see choosing the other pair if wear and tear was more apparent already.

In depth shoe review was awesome--- gracias~~

Paris B said...

Haha thanks for the mention! :D I love Fitflops and I wear them everywhere! I do agree that with the price adjustment, it only makes sense to get them locally now but when there's a sale... ahhh... that's a different kettle of fish eh? ;)Glad you're enjoying yours!