Thursday, April 14, 2011

Face Shop Nail Color in PK106

A little something to cheer myself up last week.

Face Shop Nail Color PK106

(no flash)


My feet are really fug so removed the pic, then did the nails on my left hand just for these pics :) I don't usually put nail polish on my hands as they never last and the right hand always never turns out right.

(pic removed)
My not very photogenic feet (sorry for the ugly)

I only wear nail polish to cover up the ickiness and spruce them up. PK106 is a gorgeous hot pink and the best part is that it cost all of RM5.30. Of course at that price the brush is a little iffy and gets misshapen right out of the bottle. It seems to be going strong a few days later. Although my favorite cheap nail polish is still Rimmel 60-seconds - for the price (RM9ish) and ease (dries that quick!).


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Huh... I've never tried the Rimmel 60 seconds polishes-- do they really dry that much more quickly than other brands?

Anyway-- you said it: this hot pink is gorgeous~. :]] A lot of times, hot pinks lean toward fuchsia, almost, but this sticks closer to red, so I'm definitely in like with the colour.

shuaddict said...

Wish the camera wasn't such a beast at the moment, all shots are blurry-weird and don't show the true color well.

Rimmel 60seconds dries almost instantly. By the time I get across all the toes, can go back in for second coat immediately. Give it a try especially as it's so cheap! My favorite color is the deep red.