Friday, April 8, 2011

Envirosax re-usable bags 50% off @ Homing, 1U

A shop called Homing in 1Utama 2nd Floor Promenade has Envirosax for 50% off. RM12.95 each. Super deal! Especially since most states have put into place a no plastic bag rule for certain days - and in the future will be all week (hopefully?).

So obviously I had to get 2 for the price of 1! :D

Bloom 3, Bloom 1 - links have better pictures, Envirosax site

That makes it 4 total Envirosax in my possesion. Seriously thinking of picking up a few more from the store. Price is unbeatable, all designs are available and stock plentiful. Check it out.


the way i see it said...

wow, that's pretty. in penang, we have no plastic bag day everyday :(


synical said...

I've got an Envirosax that I now use to lug my swimming gear :P

They're too commonly available - I have bags from other brands like RuMe and flip & tumble (which doesn't require folding; it packs into a ball :) ), mostly for the different sizes.

Otherwise - it's a pretty good deal, I guess.

slowbrogal said...

I always wanted this bag!! It's so pretty for recycle bag..and RM12 is super cheap!! OMG!! I am tempted now.