Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Strip Ministry of Waxing

I signed up for a package with Strip Ministry of Waxing in November but only managed to get my 2nd session in last week. It was the husband's treat as an early Xmas present.

Supposedly the plus side about signing up with Strip was that I could go to either outlet at my convenience - in Sunway Pyramid or Curve. I could also stick to the consistent 4-6 weeks maintenance appointments (quite important). The package was RM700 for 10 sessions of All Off (Hollywood/XXXX) Brazilian Waxing. RM70 per session compared to RM88 so that's a very good deal.

The major downside? Their hard selling tactics.
  • If you go for one session - they try to sell you a package
  • When you get the package - they try to sell you on IPL. It's about RM3,800 for 6 sessions, RM900 for one session (1 year maintenance at least). No guarantees on hair growth etc as 'everyone is different'.
  • During a session they try to sell you after treatment stuff - RM18 'Peace' serum to prevent hair growth, finer hair etc. I tried it this time, total waste btw as few days later no such difference.
  • Afterwards they will try to sell you miscellaneous after treatment ointments to slow down hair growth, finer hair etc - the Sothys one is RM220 for about 6 months/session usage, to bring it along during your sessions.
  • If you sign up for IPL - they will still try to sell you something I'm sure!
Sell sell sell! I find it so annoying and uncomfortable. It's kind of like hovering sales people but with this you cannot escape!

Treatment also comes with really strange disparaging comments to 'help' you sign up and buy more. For example did you know that doing regular brazilian waxing will eventually make 'things' .. 'flabby' .. because of all the pulling so IPL is sooo much better can't you see?! I kid you not, this came from the 'aesthetician'. Meh ... total horse manure.

At least I can ignore that stuff as I'm used to it ... but not the hard sell tactic. Hopefully they will slow down with the selling as I don't think I can handle such things for the other 8 sessions in the coming months.


IPL brochure


Paris B said...

They told you it'd make things "flabby"? OMG. Then why on earth are they called "Strip"? *rolls eyes*

p/s Funnily enough my spam word was "waxed"! :D

shuaddict said...

I think they just say anything to sell more packages, treatments. Just wonder if anyone falls for that though.

synical said...

I've not been there for months - now that the regular waxer is resigning, lagi no reason for me to keep going.

But yeah, I'm not a fan of their hard selling as well - that's why I've never bought a package and not just because I can't afford it :P

aamz said...

so i went to the ministry last week and ufortunately finally got persuaded into buying a package which i cant afford (im a student) and ive only just read on their website that its non refundable which i find highly misleading because at the time of purchase i was not told of such rules and regulations. I HATE THEIR HARD SELLING MISSION! but i will be ringing them first thing tmmrw morning and kick up a stink, its not the first time they have mislead me. my dilemma is if i go anywhere else for a hollywood i get sore for a week, these guys do a painless wax thats for sure