Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marie Claire April 2011 - Free Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Marie Claire (Malaysia) April 2011 issue comes with a full-size Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.

The magazine was RM7 while the lip balm usually retails for RM18. It comes in 5 different flavors but at random, it's not stated on the mag and you cannot see inside the package. I was hoping to not get the Honey one since the scent makes me a little sick so thankfully got the Sun Protecting Lip Balm with Passionfruit instead.

The magazine should be packed in a brown sleeve/bag, completely sealed and to be opened at the top. You can check if the lip balm is there by feeling at the bottom right (as pictured above). Kinokuniya wrapped the whole thing in plastic anyways. I wish they would have left it in the brown eco bag by itself as it was nicely packed to go.

Shown with other Burt's Bees lip balm for comparison - Honey (ick, seriously please avoid) and Pomengranate. Sorry I have itchy fingers and when I'm bored I like to peel off the label :)

Try not to hoard too much :D The lip balm in my pack had an expiry of 9/2011.

Update - confirm that some unscrupulous newsstands have removed the free gift, recommend you buy from a reputable bookshop instead


hevn said...

Holy *toot* that teaches me not to look at fashion magazines! That is so worth it! *toot toot toot!*

How does Burt's Bee lip balm compared to mylipstuffs?

LOL, Now I know why you love your Longchamp, it's so practical and I can carry bricks and shits in it! Wheee!

shuaddict said...

I like Burt's Bees a little better, it's smoother and feels nicer. Their original lip balm is the best - in the tube or pot, think you get more in the pot (8.5g) for the same price.

Lol you're so funny! Bricks and shits! The LePliage is like a black hole though, keep fumbling to find my wallet and things.

synical said...

I also bought it for the lip balm (I'm such a sucker) - magazine wasn't anything to write home about, but after a few days, I don't seem to be allergic to the Burt's Bees lipbalm...

Oh, and I got the Acai berry one, LOL.