Saturday, November 27, 2010

Non-no November 2010 Mook Magazine

November 2010 issue of Non-no magazine
includes the To B by Agnes B tote bag.
Price: RM 36

I love my husband! He indulges me in my girliness - and extreme indecisiveness. I would not have gotten this if he didn't march me back into Kinokuniya insisting that he would find this magazine for me (repeating nonno in an exaggerated Texan accent). We had already bought a bunch of books but on the way out towards the escalators passed the display a 2nd time ... where again I mulled over it! He even paid for this silly girly magazine.

The bag was well protected as it was inserted between a thick cardboard layer inside the thick magazine. Despite that not much creasing once removed out of the box, these pictures were right after I unboxed it the first time.

No flash - flat

With flash - with books

It is very sturdy and can be filled with quite a bit of items. The Non-no magazine fits sideways with room to spare - dimensions are 28cm x 45.5cm x 11.5cm.

It's got canvas-ish upper with plastic lining. The lining has a tacky-sticky feel with no weird plasticky smell - pretty much like Longhamp interior. It has short canvas handles. There is no zipper or clasp so it's a perfect beach or book bag.

The funniest thing today? I never knew Kinokuniya had a whole other huge section behind the graphic novels. Kinokuniya has one of the best selections of graphic novels so I've been there many times over the years but never spotted saw that doorway. I totally thought the one near the travel books was the location of the mooks! Once you went through that little doorway it was like walking through the wardrobe doors into Narnia. That was such a magical discovery! More mooks for me!!!!

Should have bought the Steady December 2010 issue as well. That includes a very classic black Agnes B tote along with a bag hanger. Perhaps in mid-December if it's still available. Have heard that it is flying off the shelves in Singapore!


Extreme fallout. Tried to use a bit of Uzi but glitter went everywhere. Guess anything with glitter in the UD BoSIII that has to be skipped (and wasted).

- UD BoSIII Haight, Perversion, Uzi
- NYX Aloha
- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
- Revlon Grow Luscious mascara (lil clumpy)
- Lens: GEO Angel brown

Friday, November 26, 2010

Revlon Haul - Beyond Natural + Grow Luscious

A small Revlon haul from Watson's last Friday.

The new mascara Grow Luscious claims to make lashes grow stronger.

Picked it up on a whim as I somewhat fell for the free gift - other item was over RM60, so well you know the spin. Mascara was priced at RM29.80 (sale price).

This was the main purchase - Revlon Beyond Natural 2-Way Foundation. Price RM 61.90 during sales (regular RM69.90).

With a purchase of over RM80 free gift of pouch and eye shadow - but one of the purchases needs to be the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. It includes a pouch and eye shadow. The pouch is quite pretty, quilted, black and solid feeling. It's got a little mirror inside and comfortably fits the foundation above, lipstick, lipgloss and even pencils (at once!).

The eye shadow on the other hand is a disappointment. The poster features a wonderful blue and green color but this skin-toned beige was the only one available. The very helpful SA there in Watson's Sunway Pyramid went through about 10 of them trying to look for something different but they were all the same color.

Maybe it can be used it as a base or highlighter? Looks very skin-toned and chalky to me. It's usually priced at RM30+.

Still evaluating the mascara and foundation, do check back for a review post in a few weeks.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Primer Showdown: Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel Vs Loreal Studio Secrets

I've had a few weeks to evaluate these two primers from the last sgdrugstore haul so here's the verdict. The plan was to do this evaluation at the end of October so sorry for the delay.

First up some details about each product.

Loreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base
Ingredients: G788656, cyclohexasiloxane, dimethicone, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, silica, acrylates copolymer, disodium stearoyl glutamate, aluminium hydroxide, (may contain CI77891 titanium dioxide, CI77491 iron oxides)
Price: US $10.36 (RM50.04 spree)
Content: 0.5 fl oz (15ml)

Back of Box

Side of box

Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel
Ingredients: Dimethicone (1.2%), inactive ingredients - cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, silica, tocopheryl acetate, trisiloxane.
Price: US$ 7.99 (RM33.79 spree)
Content: 1.5 oz (42g)

I was a little skeptical about the usage of Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel as a makeup primer because as we all know that that is not its intended use. Somehow makeup artists and beauty bloggers found out that the ingredients are exactly the same as the Smashbox face primer, but so much cheaper and as such a dupe is born. I do not have experience with Smashbox primers so am unable to offer any sort of comparison but Connie of Skin Deco recently did a great post about this, so check it out for more information.

The Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel is as it's name suggests a gel and is easily squeezed out of the tube. Not much product is needed for a full face application.

For the Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base it needs to be scooped out with fingers or with the use of a spatula - like the one that came with the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.

Comparison out of tube/pot
L: Monistat, R: Loreal

I did plan on doing a real world test section showing comparison on the face between the primers but it was not noticeable in the pictures so we shall have to skip that.

My favorite out of the two is the Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base. It has a nice creamy-mousse texture which is very similar to Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. It is not as thick or fills in lines as Clarins but it feels pretty much the same on the skin. It goes on smooth, feels great and has no discernable scent. It is also about half the price of Clarins (approx RM100 and price keeps increasing).

Although if you're looking for the effect as a primer the Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel wins hands down. Post makeup application it just looks fresh somehow. It is extremely cheap at 1/3rd the price of the Smashbox equivalent. A tube will last ages as not much is needed for one application.

Unfortunately I cannot overlook how it makes my skin feel. It's as if I have a mask on and it leaves a strange oily feeling on the face - but not actual oiliness on skin (so weird). I'm not a fan of feeling layers on my skin as if it does not belong on my face. Perhaps my skin doesn't breathe so well with it on.

Both seem to last for the day and are good bases to help with makeup application. Do keep in mind that my skin is not very oily so these possibly have not been tested to their limits.

Tip - For the Monistat gel, please give your brow area a wide berth. For my brows I use the Shu Uemura Hard 9 brow pencil where the color only comes out against hair/brows, and it was a little tough to get them done.

Products were purchased from through sgdrugstore spree.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude (070)

Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in 070 Soft Nude

Swatch - outdoors, no flash, in the car

On lips - indoors, facing natural light no flash

Don't let the name 'Soft Nude' scare you. It's a perfect peachy-natural lip color that does not look washed out against Asian skin. It looks really nice with a smidge of lip gloss.

J said that it reminded him of 70s fashion, whatever that means :D Picked this up on a whim at Watson's on Wednesday - while stocking up on Biore Cleansing Oil and Wipes (total HG both of them). It was a toss up between Soft Nude and Mauve although now I'm still thinking of the Mauve and will probably pick it up when we hit the mall next.

No full face picture as I'm still sick .. a total of 1.5 months and counting ... feeling pretty crummy all the time.

Revlon ColorBurst is priced at RM 32.90 (sales) and RM39 (regular price).

Friday, November 19, 2010

False Lashes - Ardell Fairies

This is one of the Ardell falsies from the haul earlier this month. The Ardell Invisiband Fairies.

(Source - Ardell)

As the name suggests the band is completely invisible. I loved this as for a semi-newbie to false lashes - especially application thanks to being such a klutz - the invisible band makes things so much easier.

Very subtle and natural.

Ignore da brows, please. Tq.

Everyone at the family lunch complimented me on the eye makeup - even though the color combination was quite boring and smudged to oblivion. I'm always running late and have to rush! The eyes 'popped' thanks to the falsies.

Lenses - GEO Angel Brown
Eyes - UD BOS3 Snatch + NYX Aloha + MAC Carbon

Ardell lashes were purchased for RM15 from CosmoCrazeWoman (blog). They are also available at Sasa but with a minimal selection for approximately RM23+.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend FOTD - BoS III

Third post in the row for today! Guess am making up for the hiatus :D

As the husband had an event all day on Saturday decided to head to the parents place for mom's cooking - and a bit of shopping afterwards.

Simple FOTD

I am loving the Urban Decay Book Of Shadows III, it's been in heavy rotation these couple of weeks although I tend to alternate between the same few non-glitterbomb shades.

Money + Kush with a tiny bit of Loaded

Loaded is a actually a very deep dark green.

While taking these pics in the entertainment room - while watching Star Trek on HBO HD (love it! need B.yond now) - my sis walked by and said "What are you doing?" laughing all along of course. As in why are you so vain wtf.

Quickly said that I was testing out features on my camera!!! Don't know why I need to lie but maybe it's an Asian thing. Like people will think why do you need to be so vain do you actually think you're so beautiful, why are you so big headed. Kind of like a modesty shame thing. It's not something I can explain apparently. Think if you're Asian you'll sorta know what I mean ;)

Anyway felt ashamed that I'm *such* a cam 'ho that I only took 10 pictures - all of iffy quality with no close up of the look :( It was unfortunate as I loved how it turned out and am starting to dig the dark hair :D

Previous looks with BoSIII
1. Neutral/Browns (Suspect, Snatch, Haight, Radium)
2. Pinks (Bordello, Psychedelic Sister, Last Call, Rockstar)

P.S - If I was skinny beautiful, wouldn't feel too shamed by that. Quite sad eh?

GEO CK-107

Out of all the circle lenses I've tried, my favorite has been the GEO Angel Brown. I've discovered my preference for a more natural look and so this time around decided to try out black lenses - the GEO CK-107.

GEO CK-107 Black
Base Curve (BC): 8.60
Diameter (DIA): 14.0

No flash - facing natural light/window, morning

Flash - indoors, quite overcast

Full face - No flash - facing natural light .. slap dash morning work makeup
Very alien-like. This pic was the morning after dying hair black, the day I lost my mojo :D

Flash - indoors, overcast .. post-work sweaty + hair everywhere!
The flush? Shu Uemura Blush Tint, it lasts awesomely.

Personally did not like these as they had a strange look as if my pupils were extra dilated. These will not be a repurchase. Neither will I wear them as often as GEO Angel Brown. Now on the lookout for another brown lens.

Lenses were purchased from for RM35 with free Pos Ekspres shipping within Malaysia. It was shipped on Thursday and arrived on Monday.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Revlon Colorsilk in 11 Soft Black

I went all out and did the jet black. Wise decision? Probably not.
Revlon Colorsilk in 11 Soft Black

Expected results - all 3 on the right look the same, basically as black as you can get

Before - flash incandescent light, was around 8:30-9pm
This was the result from Orange to Revlon Colorsilk 33 Dark Soft Brown on Friday.

After - no flash, natural light (but blurry shot)

After - flash, very 'flattering' flourescent light at office

Looks so damaged! Dying hair twice in less than 3 days is possibly not recommended.

After - flash, 'flattering' office light
It is dark dark dark. J likes it very much. As for me, not sure I like it yet. Feel like I lost my mojo or something :( No idea how to do my makeup either hence the awesome pink starred face.

Colorsilk was again a winner. It did stink a little compared to the previous one but nothing noticeable. I will say that dark(er) dyes are a total pain.

Tip - With any dark hair dye please apply Vaseline liberally all along hairline, shoulders and wherever your hair may come into contact with skin. It will stain your skin easily. I did my darnest to scrub them off with soap + tissues after application and got most of it out but it was not fun. If I had spent the 2-3 minutes to apply Vaseline would not have to worry about that.

Important - Like any other hair dye it is important to do a 48-hour skin test, so be sure to read the instructions and follow them carefully.