Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Bullets

Counting down the days until a major life change. Cryptic much? :D I'm not too down about it but I do feel a little out of sorts. Thought it would have made me crazy ecstatic but apparently it's more a mix of both happy-sad. It's not something that is unchangeable but ... I would really like these next few months to relax and just be, think about what I really want to do no matter how trivial or 'un-professional' it could turn out. It's not a 'luxury' that was ever given to me and thanks to my wonderful husband who is such a supportive, wonderful person ... he's gifted me with such an opportunity.

Things are also very busy with the end year and Christmas. No days off for Xmas as it falls on a Saturday! We're having a little dinner. Going to bake a turkey for the first time .. so that will be interesting. Eek .. first Christmas in our home ... another milestone.

I was going to review a few things but I'm being lazy this month ... so here are some bullet point reviews

1. Fable 3
Really looked forward to this as I loved Fable 2 but in the end it was just so very broken. A RPG with no real advancement in your character. There are also no real differences in good/bad according to your decisions. It felt way too linear .. being very obvious trying to push you down one path. I did 100% all the achievements at least but it was a pain. The worst achievement was trading for all the 50 unique weapons. In the end became a duping master and still have dupes of most of the weapons. Can I say besides everything else that the organization system of the weapons really blows? Yeah. No interest in getting the DLCs for this. Done & dusted. If there is a Fable 4 I'm not getting it.

2. Revlon Grow Luscious mascara
I'm not wearing this often, just once in awhile. Does it make lashes grow more lusciously? Who knows. I do know that I dislike the very thick clump-inducing wand. It also has a certain strange smell to it. Not re-purchasing and will stick with my HG Maybelline Volum'Express.

3. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
I'm still playing this on multiplayer to get the final 2 achievements -- Level 50 MP and Abstergo Employee of the Month. The game is beautiful as ever with some improvements from ACII to enrich gameplay. The music? Top notch and adds to the experience. Story? Decent and advances the storyline. The next installment can't come soon enough.

4. Sons of Anarchy
It's a TV series about a biker gang. It's addictive for whatever reason - and somehow appeals to both me and the husband. Quite amazing how the writers of the show made a big bad group of bikers, who you would think would be the most unlikeable characters ever, completely likeable and believable. We watched Season 1 within 2 days. Then Season 2 on Sunday. We're onto Season 3 now.

5. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC
I hunted sasquatches yesterday. Poor sasquatch :( Such a misunderstood animal.

6. Mass Effect 3
A teaser trailer for ME3 came out last week. I wish it won't really focus on Earth so much, as in the ME universe Earth is really such a tiny speck of nothing.

7. Sleek palettes
I am trying to ignore the call. One doesn't need that many eye shadows right? :D I'm holding off until our next trip to Singapore or if Sephora finally opens their doors in Malaysia .. as some other palettes there interest me more. Just because it's cheap ... is not a reason anymore.

8. Dead Rising 2
Got this when Play-Asia had a sale a few weeks ago and received it Saturday. I don't get it? Maybe I am so an RPG sorta girl - where I like to see advancement or progress in character, but yeah .. I don't get it at all. Also .. what's up with the loading screens! Only played about 30 minutes of it so we'll see but for now it's at the bottom of the to-be-played pile.

9. Dead Space 2
Demo out 21 & 22 Dec. Released end Jan 2011. This is the husband's game. I loved watching it, it's so scary like a movie! I tried the game but could not get past the Zero-G stuff. I love everything sci-fi but guess I would suck as a space dweller :(

10. Tron Legacy
I'm not eloquent enough to describe the amazingness of this movie. Maybe it makes me like a sci-fi noob since I never watched the original Tron and so I can't compare (aka nitpick) but the husband said they did it very well and did pay homage to the original. We're watching it again this weekend and I cannot wait!

Oooh so much video games. Guess that's my hobby for now? :D

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