Friday, June 4, 2010

GEO Tri Color Grey (CM901) Circle Lens - Review

These GEO Tri Color Grey (CM-901) lenses were purchased from Momolens for RM35.

The delivery of the lenses was fast but their communication was spotty which is understandable. Surely they have a ton of e-mail and orders to get through every day. The lenses arrived and that's all there is to it. They have a nice selection of lenses and give free shipping (local, Pos Ekspres) so they are recommended.

I soaked the lenses for about 12 hours, from morning until after work. When I put them on I was again surprised by how they were so comfortable. Note that I have not worn them for extended amounts of time. I'll be using them this weekend but am not really expecting anything much, I'm fairly okay with contacts especially ones that go in so comfortably. My regular contact lenses make my eyes water when they are put on in the morning.

The color difference in the GEO Tri Color Grey isn't too stark even in natural light unless you look really closely. The grey blends very nicely with my regular dark brown eyes. Again I really like it because it is more an enhancement of your features instead of a total change.

(with flash)

At first I was thinking of getting another grey lens but this one will suffice. I'm not too picky about the nitty gritty of lenses - patterns, color effect etc. at the moment so right now am thinking of just acquiring different colors for different looks. The next purchase will either be violet or pink instead.

GEO Tri Color Grey (CM-901)
  • True to stock picture
  • Comfortable
  • Very natural

Pic taken on Sun, 6 June with natural light (this post)

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