Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why I love grocery shopping at Tesco Online

In 2013 Tesco launched an online delivery service in Malaysia called Tesco Online. At the moment it's only available in certain areas. I've made a few orders and each time have been impressed by the service that I just had to blog about it. It's so simple and convenient!

All you have to do to get started is visit the website, create an account and start searching for items to add to the cart. When doing a search it is better to be more specific like using the name of the brand.

Just click to add an item to the cart. While continuing to shop on the website, the shopping trolley will be constantly on the right side for easy reference. Additionally there will be a comment "1 in trolley" if you come across the product again in the product page or subsequent searches.

To make weekly shopping more convenient you can create a list of products and then click on the little icon at the bottom right of the trolley. These are maintained under the Favorites tab. While shopping and adding more items to the cart, if you click the icon again the list will be updated with the new items. The next time you order just pop into Favorites and add all the items with a click of a button.

Once done with shopping proceed to the checkout. Here is where you choose a time slot for delivery. Technically there is a charge of RM10 for each delivery but Tesco constantly has promotions and coupon codes. With all that I've never had to outright pay for delivery before.

The best thing about making an order with Tesco Online is that until 11pm the day before the delivery time slot, you can make as many changes as you like to your order list. Honestly that is pretty awesome because all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse. Forgive me but I'm all in love with a local online shopping website that actually works so seamlessly! Cancellations are allowed but changes to the address or time slot are not possible.

As I understand it on the day of the delivery, a personal shopper is dispatched to collect items from your order in store - Tesco Online FAQ. Then at the designated time slot (2-hour window) a special Tesco truck shows up. It's got different compartments for refrigerated meats, vegetables and regular (dry) products. All the items ordered are in plastic bags in these little blue crates. The always super friendly Tesco delivery man then rolls these stacked crates on a cart right up to your door. Drops off every single item inside your house.

Sometimes certain products may be out of stock on that day so you will be offered substitutions. You can choose to accept or refuse these items. As an example here's the substitutions on my recent order.

The only form of payment accepted at the moment is a credit card on delivery. Confirm the acceptance of order, make the payment and with that it's another successful order with Tesco Online. I simply cannot recommend it enough!

  • Sign up for the newsletter and keep an eye out for the banners on the front page for coupon codes. Don't worry the newsletters are not too often i.e. spammy.
  • If the delivery is not a priority wait for coupons so you can save on the RM10 delivery charge. The delivery charge isn't much anyways especially for ordering heavy items.
  • Use the My Shopping List feature for future deliveries.
  • There is a list of Favorites which keeps track of every item ordered in the past and can be added to the trolley easily.
  • Add your Clubcard information to keep earning points even when shopping online.
  • When placing the order take note of when promotions end. If the delivery date is after the promotion price has ended, you will be charged the regular price.
Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's in My Bag? Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30

A short video on what's in my bag

The Speedy 30 doesn't look like it's in great shape as it's coming up to 7 years old, but I'm pretty happy as it's my first Louis Vuitton. Although honestly after using it for a bit can I say that I'm not a fan of the Speedy? It's an iconic bag but it's quite difficult to use in daily life.

Natural (hazy) light

Items Mentioned (all official links, no affiliate):-

1. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30 in Ebene - discontinued, Made in France 2006
2. Longchamp Veau Foulonne Checkbook Wallet in Black/Nickelled (
3. Longchamp Le Pliage Coin Purse in Bilberry (
4. Coach Legacy Leather Small Wristlet #48179 in Black Cherry
5. Coach Legacy Leather Small Wristlet #48179 in Fuchsia (
6. Coach Signature Madison Gathered Wristlet #46901 in Black
7. Coach Signature Stripe Mini Skinny in Bronze
8. LeSportsac reusable bag in Stardust (came with the 2011 LeSportsac Mook - my review)

Lately I've been absolutely crazy over Coach SLGs (Small Leather Goods) especially the Legacy 2012 line with the rainbow of colors. If you're in the market for these do take note that the leather has differences according to color. For example the Fuchsia is buttery soft but the Black Cherry is somewhat stiff and feels completely different.

The wristlets are used to organize the interior of the bags. The Legacy Black Cherry holds supplies like pills, lozenges, mini scissors, nail clipper, utility knife and things like that. The black gathered wristlet holds some makeup, but it's a tight fit and will probably need to upgrade to a medium-large wristlet instead. The Legacy Fuchsia has all the reward cards which tends to accumulate like nothing, keys to my parents place and a small flashlight.

Miscellaneous other items in the bag that are loose in the bag. I still want to contain them all though so am looking for different options :D

Not pictured is my cell phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 with a pink cover (of course).

Thanks for watching! Why don't you share what's in your bag?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why I Stopped Beauty Blogging

This is my personal opinion on why i stopped beauty blogging.

1. The "Rat Race"
New products are released so often that there was no way i could keep up. Anything posted would have been covered by dozens of beauty bloggers by the time i got around to it.

2. Affordability
I don't have a huge disposable income especially after stopping work. Prices keep going up and products are getting hit by the shrink ray. Case in point: Shu Uemura Mark Cealer from 5ml to 2ml with a price bump for 'new packaging and formula'.

3. Priorities
Whatever extra money i do have i'd rather put it into other things that would benefit more people than my own personal enjoyment. Like stuff for the house instead.

4. Usability
I have yet to use up a quarter of any of the Xmas sets or big palette purchases for my birthday years ago. The one palette used endlessly, the Naked 1, only has 3 shades almost finished down to the pan. I wear makeup often enough, 3-5 times a week full face, but still am unable to finish these products.

5. Wastage
If more were purchased, every new release by MAC for example, it would be a complete waste as there is no way it would be put to a use. Purchase for purchase sake.

6. Minimalism
Getting older i am drawn more to a minimalistic lifestyle. I hate the idea of stuff, of having so much of it that it takes over your life (resources, time, space). Clutter is my enemy now and beauty products were a huge clutter item.

7. Hoarding & Excessive Shopping
No explanations necessary. After changing my lifestyle or focus, there's been a marked change in my behavior towards money and materialism in general.

The blog may change to a personal one instead but have not decided yet. Thanks for following, commenting and all the support over the years. I really appreciated every single one of my readers and apologize for not updating often. Thank you. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter - Night Renewal Cream

Something new in the local drugstores, the skincare range from Palmer's Cocoa Butter. It was time for a new night moisturizer so it was perfect timing to give this new product a try.



Other side of box
I've been using this for a few weeks and it would be a repurchase. The cream has a thick consistency but it does not feel heavy on the skin and just sinks right on in. It has the typical Palmer's Cocoa Butter scent which is always yummy.

The Palmer's Cocoa Butter Night Renewal Cream retails for RM32.90.

Friday, August 31, 2012

My Beauty Diary (MBD) 2-Step Europe Clarifying Pack

Here's something new from My Beauty Diary. It's a 2-Step Europe Clarifying Pack.

It includes a Black Rose Brightening Mask while the top detachable part (Step 2) is a Rose Honey Refining Gel. More information in the description below (click to enlarge).

Only gave it a try because of typical curiousity but it will not be a repurchase as I did not think that the gel does anything special. It was also a tad sticky for a bit so it extends the length of time for sitting around without flexing facial muscles. The mask was like other MBD masks, the scent was very much like the Bulgarian White Rose but lighter.

There are other varieties of these 2-Step Packs like America (soothing), Asia (brightening), Africa (hydrating) and Oceania (firming). A single 2-Step Pack retails for RM 6.90.